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BitQT software generates wealth for you while you sleep!

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  • Easy to use trading platform
  • High profitable AI-powered algorithms
  • 27/7 customer support
  • Seamless withdrawal process
  • RSA encrypted website and platform
  • Reputable and regulated brokers


We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most pertinent questions asked by our users. This page is updated regularly to ensure that our clients get answers to most of their questions.

1. How much profit should I expect in a day?

That will depend on how much you are willing to invest. A $250 account can earn as much as $1250 daily.  With the Bitqt trading platform you could generate good wealth in a short time if you reinvest most of your profits.

2. Is the BitQT app beginner friendly?

Yes! A complete beginner has high chances of making money with BitQT App from the first day of trading. This is because the robot carries out all the technical aspects of trading automatically. We only require our users to set up a trading account and fund it.

3. How much time do I need to trade with BitQT?

Users only need to follow our layman’s guide to setting up a trading account. This should not take more than 20 minutes daily. BitQT will do the rest for you as you continue with your daily business.

4. Does BitQT have a mobile app?

Yes! We provide Android and iOS mobile apps to help our users’ trade while on the go. The desktop and mobile apps are available to registered users only. You can download them for free on our website after registration and deposit.

5. How much do I need to pay to use the BitQT software?

We are still on beta testing and hence free for all users. The beta testing will end soon after which we will introduce a license fee to new accounts. Those who register with us during the beta will enjoy our trading robot for free for the next two years.

6. Is BitQT scam or not?

We are a popular trading system with great Bitqt reviews and nearly 100k users. We’re recognized by authorities globally. BitQT performance depends on the underlying technology of Artificial Intelligence. The payouts are from the correct predictions on BTC CFDs volatility.

BITQT Review

We have thousands of individual consumer reviews on leading platforms such as the TrustPilot. Here is what some of our users say.

“BitQT is transforming my financial health to the best. A passive income of $1000 or more daily is something I never thought I would achieve in this coronavirus pandemic era. I am ploughing back all my profits to join the millionaires club.”

- Lisa Hodge Brisbane, Australia

“There is big money to be made in bitcoin trading through the right trading tool. BitQT App is proving to be the most profitable AI-powered bitcoin robot in 2021. I have been using this robot to manage my clients’ wealth, and the profits are just amazing.”

- Maurice J. Vilnius, Lithuania

“I am about to make the final payment on my $50,000 student loan thanks to BitQT trading system. It’s now seven months since I started trading with this bot, and my financial status has transformed to the best.”

- Tabby T. Kansas, USA

“I didn’t believe that it was possible to passively invest in bitcoin and earn thousands of dollars in profits daily. BitQT trading robot has changed my perspective by consistently generating a profit of $1200 daily from a deposit of $250.”

- Joel S. Wales, United Kingdom




BitQT app is reportedly one of the best performing trading systems for 2020. We have received a wide expert coverage in all areas of operation. BitQT is top rated on  TrustPilot.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is arguably the holy grail of successful AI trading. AI algorithms power us with a win rate of 90% under the right market conditions.


We value our users and hence offer 24/7 customer support services. You can reach out to our agent through phone, live chat and email. You can also send a call-back request, and we will revert in 5 hours.


The BitQT app is completely free and available for all. We have made our trading platform easy to use for all, including complete beginners. Read the trading guide provided in the trading resources page before clicking the live button.

All our educational materials are presented in layman’s terms to help beginners follow through easily. BitQT is a high return robot that could make you a millionaire from as little as USD 250 in invested capital. Click the Signup button to START Generating Money through the BitQT App. Invest wisely since all trading carries significant risk.



A Snapshot Review of BitQT App

Getting Started with BitQT

Trading with BitQT is easy. We have also made the registration process seamless. You can trade with our system from any country where CFDs trading is allowed. Our clients are mostly from Europe, Australia, Asia, North America, and some parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Follow the steps below to start trading with BitQT.

1) Scroll to the top of this page and submit your details through the provided form. Ensure that you provide accurate information to avoid delays in later stages. We value our clients and hence observe high-level data protection measures.

2) After signing up on this page, we will link you to one of our partner brokers. Please note that these brokers are our bridge to the markets. Our algorithms relay signals to them for execution. The broker will prompt you to verify your identifying information and fund your account with at least USD250.

3) You need to familiarize with our trading platform before kick-starting a live trading session. That’s why we offer a highly intuitive demo to help you practice. Even better, the demo comes with a 15-minute video explaining the key functionalities of the live trading platform. Spend at least 40 minutes on practice before going live.

4) Live trading is quite a walk in the park if you have done enough demo practice. Remember that the most important thing is risk control. The trading guide video explains it well. You can take a risk appetite test on the trading resources page to determine what works for you.

What is BITQT App?

BitQT is a platform that offers users automated bitcoin trading services. With BitQT, you do not have to go through the tedious BTC buying process. Simply sign up, and our algorithm will do the rest for you. BitQT could generate up to 60% in daily profits when the market conditions are right.

This rate of return could turn you into a millionaire within months if compounded. BitQT applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms in analyzing the markets for tradable insights.

The algorithms can analyze hundreds of historical charts within a microsecond. Chart analysis is a trading strategy that involves identifying trends that are likely to repeat themselves. Our trading robot also conducts news trading through the subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing (NLP

Interesting Facts about BitQT?

We have been operating for over 5 years and have managed to build a huge following. Here are some exciting facts about our trading system.

  • BitQT is available in web, desktop, and mobile versions. Surprisingly, the web-version is the most popular with users given its sleek design. It’s accessible on desktop and mobile browsers and can be converted into a hybrid mobile app.
  •  No skill whatsoever is needed to trade with the BitQT system. Simply sign up, fund your account, and start a live trading session.
  • BitQT is among the oldest BTC CFDs trading systems in the market. We are among the first robots to apply AI in BTC CFDs trading.
  • We are in partnership with some of the best brokers in the market. These brokers link us to the markets and our clients.
BitQT and Celebrities

We are a viral trading system with hundreds of reviews on the internet. There is a popular Reddit BitQT post claiming that some celebrities have endorsed us.

  • Holly Willoughby Bitcoin – The rumour alleges that Holly Willoughby has talked about BitQT App in the This Morning Show. A lot of BTC related topics have indeed been discussed in the show, but we have no evidence that they have discussed our system.
  •  Phillip Schofield Bitcoin – The BitQT Reddit posts also allege that Phillip Schofield has endorsed our system. For the record, Schofield is a co-host of the This Morning Show. BitQT has never been featured in This Morning.
Is BitQT Scam? Final word!

We value our clients and hence operate in the highest level of transparency. You do not have to worry about losing your personal information or money when trading with us. Our trading system is secured through top-level encryption.

This ensures that third parties cannot copy your data. We have a cyber response team in place to address potential threats. Our users have a guarantee of funds safety since we only work with regulated brokers.

These brokers observe measures such as deposit segregation and hence cannot use your money for an unintended purpose. Our trading ecosystem is based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).  This means that you can monitor every aspect of your account and solve disputes through Smart Contracts.